Theologies of the Word

My article, 'Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Henry of Ghent, and John Duns Scotus: On the Theology of the Father's Intellectual Generation of the Word', is now available in Recherches de Theologie et Philosophie Medievales 77(1) 2010.


  1. Hey, sorry to bother you. Lee Faber, referred us to you, regarding a recent seminar by Dr. Richard Cross. Was wondering if you know what journal is going to be be publishing the related article on the "corruption of eastern tradtion."

  2. Hi Tap,

    Sorry for the delay. The article in question will be in a collection of essays edited by John Marenbon, and the title is something akin to 'What is Philosophically Interesting About Medieval Theories of the Trinity'. Although Dr. Cross made comments about aspects of the Eastern tradition, I don't think that such comments are in the paper. In a nutshell, the issue has to do with reifying either divine attributes or the persons' personal properties. (But, this isn't unique to certain later Eastern theologians; folks in the West did this too, e.g., Duns Scotus).