What's Next: Duns Scotus

I have recently begun working on my chapter contribution, about John Duns Scotus, for the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of the Epistemology of Theology (2015). In a way this will be a culmination of my thoughts on Duns Scotus and some recent theologians' negative views of Scotus's theory of the univocity of the concept of being for God and creatures.
But that is beside the main point of the chapter. I'll address questions like these: what are Scotus's views about how one acquires knowledge of God? What sort of knowledge is this? Does faith play a major role in our knowledge of God? What's the difference between acquired and infused faith? What is the connection between one's love of God and one's knowledge of God? It is in the intersection between infused faith and love of God that will, perhaps, be of interest to those that claim that Scotus offers us no route for "spiritual elevation" when doing theology.

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