Henry of Ghent's Works Now Online

The Good News:

Gordon Wilson has put online PDF versions of all the Critical Editions of Henry's works, both the Quodlibeta and the Summa. I have added a hyperlink over on the sidebar "Henry of Ghent's Works ONLINE".

These PDFs are searchable. This will certainly help future research.

The Bad News:

The PDFs do not include the Critical Apparatus nor line numbers. This means that if you only have these PDFs, you won't be able to properly cite them, other than the page number. So, we still need the hardback versions. I assume that the publisher required this as a condition for releasing editions online. This way, students still need to buy or have their library buy the hardbacks.

In any case, this is indeed welcome news!


  1. Thanks for pointing this out Scott!

  2. If one needs to cite line numbers, at least some of these books are in Google Books and have previews viewable. So for the final version of a paper, one can just search for the passages in Google Books and get the line numbers from there, unless one hits the Google Books limit for the number of pages one can view.

    I do most of my reference looking up with Google Books. Much faster than finding a book on a shelf, finding a passage in a book, etc.

  3. For those wondering what happened to the link to Henry's works, the website has been "updated" and so the link has been temporarily put off-line. The link will return sometime before July, I'm told. I'll re-post when that happens.